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  Thư Điện Tử - Email
  Bùi Vỉnh Lộc (Ph.D.)
  Founder and President, Mega Ink Depot,
  Texas, USA
  - Materials related to inkjet printing and coatings
  - Printing Process
  Đổ Thành Thanh Sơn (M.Eng.)
  Dean, Department of Material Technology,  
  HCM City University of Technology, HCM City, VN
  - Physical Chemistry,
  - Rubbers, plastics and composites
  Lê P. Huệ (M. Sc.)
  Founder and President, Picojet, Oregon, USA
  - Inkjet printing technology and inkjet print heads
  - Printing Process and materials
  Lê Quốc Minh
  Professor, Photochem, Imaging & Photonics Lab.
  Institute of Materials Science, Hà Nội, VN
  - Photochemistry,
  - Imaging and photonics
  Nguyễn T. Sơn B́nh (Ph.D.)
  Professor, Northwestern University, Illinois, USA
  - Inorganic/Organometallic Chemistry
  - Organic Synthesis and Polymer Science
  Email: Contact
  Website: SonBinh T. Nguyen

  Nguyễn Thanh Mỹ (Ph.D.)
  Founder and President, American Dye Source Inc.,
  Quebec, Canada
  - Organic Materials for electronics and displays,
  - Polymeric materials for 2D & 3D Laser imaging.
  Nguyễn Trọng B́nh (Ph.D.)
Senior Scientist, Pfizer, California, USA
  - Biochemistry and biotechnology
  - Pharmaceutical
  Nguyễn Tuệ (Ph.D.)
  Founder & CTO, Simplus Technology,
  California, USA
  - Materials, equipments and process related 
    semiconducting industry
  Nguyễn Văn Khôi (Ph.D.)
Ass. Professor, Polymer Department,
  Viện Khoa Học Việt Nam, Hà Nội, Việt Nam
  - Polymer Chemistry
  - Absorbent Polymers
  Nguyễn Văn Sơn (Ph.D.)
  Senior Member of Research Staff,
  IBM-Watson Research Center, New York, USA
  - Nanomaterials, Semiconductor Materials
  - Nanofabrication Technologies and Nanodevices
  Phan Thanh Xuân (Ph.D.)
  Senior Scientist, Reichhold Corporation,
  North Carolina, USA
  - Photochemistry and UV-curable materials
  - Materials for holographic storage
  Trương N. Thành (Ph.D.)
  Professor, Department of Chemistry,
  University of Utah, Utah, USA
  - Computational Science, Software Engineering, and
    Information Technology
  - Combustion Chemistry, Heterogeneous Catalysis,  
  - Bio-Chemistry
  Vỏ Văn Trương (Ph.D.)
  Vice Provost, Research, Concordia University,
  Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  - Physics
  - Electrochromic Materials and Applications
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